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How to Style Your Hair Properly

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Learn tips for easy styling your hair.

Every man wants to be stylish. Some man prefers visiting barbershops or hair salons; others style their hair at home. If you are tired of paying to your barber and want to maintain your haircut at home, learn our easy tips. Barbers at barber shop New York Manhattan are ready to share their precious pieces of advice for you to use at home.

#1 Styling Product

For lovers of neat, orderly styles using hair styling products is a must. For achieving the freshly groomed look which holds all day long, apply gel or pomade on wet hair. Don’t use too much product as it can make your hair look greasy; for a short haircut, you need approximately a dime-sized amount.


  1. The gel is ideal for straight hair as it has a lighter texture. Opt for alcohol-free, since alcohol dries hair out.
  2. Pomades are created for restraining curly hair. You should use pomades sparingly as they are hard to wash out.

#2 Part Your Hair

After using a product, you should comb your hair to distribute it throughout the hair. Barbers at barber shop New York Manhattan recommend combing hair in the direction it grows: in the back and sides comb it down, the hair on top – forward. Don’t forget to part your hair before combing; if your hair is long in the front, sweep it in the opposite direction of your part.

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  1. If your hair is curly, forget about a fine-tooth comb as it will make your hair frizzy. Instead of it, opt for a wide tooth comb which will help to detangle your hair without making it frizzy.
  2. Don’t forget to experiment with the styles. It’s quite boring to follow the same pattern every day, so don’t comb your hair only forward. You can try tousling the top (without parting) or combing the top to spike it.

#3 Blow Dry

Blow drying is the easiest way to dry your hair. Unfortunately, if you blow dry your hair too often, it may cause serious damage to your hair. It’s especially dangerous to blow dry your hair every day if you are concerned about thinning hair. In any case, opt for an air dry to make your hair healthier.


  1. Try to point the dryer in the direction your hair growth; it will help your hair lie flat.
  2. If you need more volume, point it against the direction of hair growth.
  3. Don’t forget to apply heat protection product before blow drying.

#4 Visit Barber

Unfortunately, it is impossible to have neat hairstyle without regular trips to your barber at barber shop New York Manhattan. Even if you follow all the rules of proper styling routine, it won’t make any difference on the unkempt hair. It doesn’t mean, you have to run to barbershop every single week or two. Find the perfect trimming routine and follow it.

After all, we want to give one of the most important tips – love your hair. Don’t try to make drastic changes and enjoy your hair the way it is.

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